Zentralbibliothek Ulm

Corporate Design

The library Ulm

Since nowadays most people have access to digital media, it is important to move them back to use the services of libraries. Therefore, the aim of this corporate design is to make the library itself as well as its use more appealing. The building of the municipal library of Ulm stands out architecturally from the cityscape and the surrounding buildings. However, apart from the striking shape of the building there is no existing corporate design neither outside nor inside. Since the public library is an important institution for Ulm, its design should be recognizable and make its usage more pleasant.

In collaboration with Madeleine Schmid

Tabula Rasa

The „blank slate" is the basis of the design concept, which was named after "Tabula Rasa". The definition tabula rasa (lat. „scraped and re-writable slate") originally refers to a smoothed wax tablet and actually means "blank slate“. It no longer concerns only the form in book format, but with the "blank slate" as a design element.

Design Element

Based on that and the book format 171 mm x 195 mm we created the design element. By rotation and arrangement of the elements a new form was generated, that of a slightly open book. It can be used in the defined colors on white, or in white on colored background, either individually or in threes.