Redesign of a magazine

"Tanz" is a magazine for ballet, performance and dance. For the project in editorial we worked on a redesign of this publication. We had the chance to visit the "Nationaltheater" in Mannheim and were given a guided tour behind the scenes. Afterwards we interviewed Marie-Belle Sandis, an opera singer of the theatre. She gave us the unique opportunity to visit the final rehearsal for the play "La Voix Humain" by Francis Poulenc.

Magazine Analysis

Before we started with the redesign we analysed the existing "Tanz" magazine in very detail, including it’s layout, typography, micro and macro typography, typesetting, imagery, printing technology refinement, cover design and binding.


The layout of the redesign shows the dynamics of a dance or opera piece. By matching the colors with the imagery the reader can easily connect the two while reading.

The pictures were taken by Sandra Schön, layout design by Angie Ziegler.