Bachelor Thesis

Protecting Design

Designers constantly produce creative achievements within their daily work process. However, the question whether or how to protect one’s design raises. Furthermore there is an insecurity about the use of other designs. These questions are answered in the book „DesignSchutzRechte“. It is primarily designed for creative people and gives an easy and compact walkthrough, and the reader gets a better access to the code of law. The texts are written in a simple way so a non-professional can read and understand the difficult language of lawyers easily.

Currently we are in negotiations with a publisher to release the book. In collaboration with Madeleine Schmid.


The headlines are formulated as questions in order to make the rather difficult topic easy to understand for the reader. An index simplifies the search for the desired information and a better navigation through the book is guaranteed.


In addition, the reader is introduced to the topics with case studies from the professional world. These are visualized in form of scenarios, located on the damper of the chapter separators. When the flap is opened, the illustrations guide the reader through the respective chapter.


Each chapter ends with a short summary in form of the "Rechteck". These and the subsections "What is protected" are oriented in landscape format and are marked with a dashed line at the edges. Here the book has to be rotated, providing an additional layer of interaction to it. Furthermore, the subject matters are presented illustratively to make an easier access possible.