California Science Center

Corporate Design

The Science Center

The California Science Center is one of the largest hands-on museums with exhibit topics including Air and Space, Ecosystems, Creative World, World of Life and Science Court.

In collaboration with Liz Gosselin


Redesigning the corporate identity of the California Science Center was inspired by the geometric shapes of a windmill. The abstract, geometric form allows the audiences to make their own interpretation. The icon, typeface and decorative elements all relate to one another through both form and color. Two shades of blue are used in the logo and headings. The color blue is often associated with intelligence and truth. In this design it symbolizes sky and space with reference to the main exhibit, Air & Space. Gradient is added to the blue icon making it appear 3D. It is important that the logo feels realistic as the museum is hands-on and interactive. The triangular shapes used in this graphic element were also inspired by a kaleidoscope. The triangle is used as the main design element for the whole corporate design.